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Monday, May 27

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The Lodgge Podcast

Welcome to The Lodgge Podcast. Each episode we will be welcoming a different uniquely talented guest to talk about a variety of topics. Our goal is to showcase the immense knowledge, diversity, and skill that Ontario video game and interactive entertainment studios have to offer. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, its members, and the projects they create.

Recent Episodes

  • Episode 25 — Jason Loftus

    In this season finale, we chat with the CEO and Executive Producer at Lofty Sky Entertainment Jason Loftus! We discuss their upcoming title Sky of Tides, the team’s award-winning documentary Eternal Spring (長春), and lots more!

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Looking to start a new adventure? The Lodgge Careers will be showcasing available positions from around Ontario. We will be adding careers throughout the week, so make sure to check in often. Each post includes a direct link to the official career posting, so you can apply in no time!

    • Diploma in a 2D/3D animation program;
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in the video game industry;
    • Experience in making animations for a video game;
    • Portfolio and resume demonstrate a good understanding of the principles of animation;
    • Good knowledge of human anatomy;
    • Expertise in Maya or other equivalent 3D software;
    • Knowledge of Unity a plus;
    • Must have a great sense of observation and a good knowledge of a video game production;
    • Passion for animation and video games;
    • Capacity to work in a team;
    • Capacity to work under pressure and to meet deadlines;
    • A portfolio is mandatory with your application.
  • EA
    • 5+ years of experience with node-based gameplay scripting systems
    • Understand the fundamentals of game design system, world building tools and how node-based scripting solutions provide solutions for these toolsets
    • Experience with Unity, Unreal or other similar game engines
    • Understand the wide range of game engine systems where node based scripting solutions can be used.
    • Shipped 2 + games.
    • 3+ years professional experience
    • Advanced programming skills in C++ and C# with strong understanding of the fundamentals
    • Emphasizes a deeper understanding of what the code is doing, not just that it works
    • Experience with game engines such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine
    • Experience working in large codebases
    • Understands how to analyze and optimize code
    • Strong problem solving skills
    • Comfortable with vector and matrix math and good with algorithms
    • Understands various design patterns and their benefits/draw backs
    • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Treyarch Logo
    • An incredible passion for 3D art and First Person Shooters.
    • 3+ years of experience working within game development.
    • Excellent abilities in hard surface modeling.
    • Excellent abilities in photo-realistic texturing and surfacing work.
    • Excellent attention to design, detail, form and function.
    • Good eye for color and tonal balance, and graphic design.
    • Must be a team player and collaborate with others.
    • Excellent understanding of mechanical function and purpose.
    • Self-managing and able to identify and meet deadlines and goals.
    • Must be willing to go above and beyond what’s expected to ensure the absolute best quality is achieved.
    • Excellent communicator willing to receive and give direction and critique.
    • Meticulous and detail oriented, keeping your work clean and tidy.
    • Excellent problem solving abilities creatively and technically.
    • Ability to learn new tools quickly and effectively.
    • Excellent working knowledge of industry standard 3D and image editing programs.
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Upcoming Industry Events

We scour the web for industry events so that you don’t have to! Whether you are a growing indie studio, a student looking to network, or simply a fan of video games, we have an event for you. Filter by city, event type and much more in our fully customizable event calendar. New events will be added weekly so make sure to check back in regularly to keep up with the latest in the industry.

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