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Tuesday, February 20

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The Lodgge Podcast

Welcome to The Lodgge Podcast. Each episode we will be welcoming a different uniquely talented guest to talk about a variety of topics. Our goal is to showcase the immense knowledge, diversity, and skill that Ontario video game and interactive entertainment studios have to offer. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, its members, and the projects they create.

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  • Episode 21 — Chloé Giusti

    In this episode of The Lodgge Podcast, we speak with Chloé Giusti, the ID@Xbox Regional Head for the Americas! We discuss her experience working with ID@Xbox, best practices for studios to follow when pitching their game to Xbox, the selection process for Xbox Game Pass, Ontario’s bustling indie scene, and more!

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Looking to start a new adventure? The Lodgge Careers will be showcasing available positions from around Ontario. We will be adding careers throughout the week, so make sure to check in often. Each post includes a direct link to the official career posting, so you can apply in no time!

  • Sinn Studio
    • A firm understanding of game systems throughout the product and player lifecycle
    • 5+ years of experience in the games industry as a programmer with growth into senior roles with more responsibility and leading a team
    • High proficiency in C++
    • Extensive experience with Unreal Engine 4 and/or 5
    • 2+ years of experience in a senior or lead position
    • Ability to advocate for the team, and speak up about their needs
    • Familiarity working with Blueprint
    • PC or console development experience
    • Ability to communicate creative vision and articulate abstract concepts in a way that inspires and motivates everyone involved
    • Experience with debugging, profiling, and performance optimizations and the ability to synthesize feedback from team members, user play tests to gain product insights and rapidly iterate on designs
    • Experience leading and managing a team and supporting their career development
    • Exceptional communication and articulation skills (written and verbal) with an ability to delegate and collaborate with team members across the studio and prioritize what matters most
    • Empathetic leader with strong listening skills and a growth mindset, who understands how to elevate the team around them to do their best work
    • Reliable with strong attention to detail and problem solving abilities.
    • 5+ years of leadership experience in gaming production, game project management, game publishing or consumer-facing software application development including the experience to develop, plan and execute game projects, from pitch to certification on console, mobile, PC and emergent game platforms
    • 2+ shipped titles on console or PC
    • 5+ years of project management experience, including various development methodologies
    • Experience managing distributed development in multiple geographies
    • Build, track and maintain both simple and complex project schedules, based on current knowledge of all game development disciplines, including management of staffing, financials and writing contracts
    • Experienced with client-facing relationships and communications along with strong mediation and negotiation skills
    • Experience using multiple project management and product management tools: Jira, ADO, Miro, Figma, Mural, Trello, etc.
  • EA
    • 9+ years of experience working on web projects applying modern web development best practices, from UI in the front-end to microservices and cloud services in the back end.
    • Experience in typescript, including an understanding of concepts like closures, asynchronous programming, and dependency injection patterns.
    • Knowledge of Git, or similar distributed source management system
    • Experience with continuous integration and delivery
    • Expertise in many different technologies, typically ranging from front-end user interfaces through to back-end storage systems and all points in between.
    • Superb ability to take high-level direction and drive to execution in an iterative model.
  • Rockstar Toronto
    • 5+ years combined industry experience at other AAA game development studios.
    • 2+ published AAA console titles.
    • A degree in software engineering, mathematics or computer science.
    • An expert in C++ and low-level, high-performance coding.
    • Adept at C#.
    • Comfortable with a wide range of code design patterns including OOP, MVVM and MVC programming.
    • Fully experienced with the programming challenges related to UI development.
    • Familiar with all tools used in day to day game development (Bug tracking software, communication tools, version control software etc).
    • Familiar with the tools and SDKs of all major consoles.
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Recent Features

  • Nordicity Recaps — MEGAMIGS 2022

    The Lodgge & Nordicity have joined forces to bring you this new series about gaming events from around the globe, this episode focuses on the trends and impressions of MEGAMIGS 2022.

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We scour the web for industry events so that you don’t have to! Whether you are a growing indie studio, a student looking to network, or simply a fan of video games, we have an event for you. Filter by city, event type and much more in our fully customizable event calendar. New events will be added weekly so make sure to check back in regularly to keep up with the latest in the industry.

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