Last week’s Level Up Showcase 2024 saw students from UofT and Centennial College take the prize for Best Overall Game, with Sheridan College, Brock University, and Niagara College taking top spots in multiple other categories!

Fanshawe’s Grave Robbers took top spot in the Innovative Technology category, with Sheridan’s Miniature Nightmare taking second and Brock University / Niagara College’s Reverek third. But Sheridan’s titles shone through in the Artistic Achievement category; the college’s Echoes of the Roots and Project Diluvian bagged first and second places.

Brock University and Niagara College came back strong to steal first spot under the Achievement in Accessibility category with Cosmic Justice, and Algonquin’s World Warlock and UofT’s Paw Pirates took second and third respectively. Finally, Pencil Pushers from UofT won top spot for Best Overall Game, as Mohawk College and Centennial College shared second place with Bedlam Brother and Breach the Abyss.


Students from Sheridan, Brock, and Niagara continued to display their dominance in TD Bank’s People’s Choice Awards as well – Brock University / Niagara College’s Dead on Arrival and Unnatural Selection took both first and second places, while Sheridan’s Hell’s Delivery took the remaining spot in third.

Check out the full winners list, and some shots from the event below:

Innovating Technology, Presented by AMD

First Place – Grave Robbers (Fanshawe)

Second Place – Miniature Nightmares (Sheridan College)

Third Place – Reverex (Brock University / Niagara College)

Honourable Mention – Chosen (Sheridan College)

Artistic Achievement, Presented by Zynga

First Place – Echoes of the Roots (Sheridan College)

Second Place – Project Diluvian (Sheridan College)

Third Place – Breach the Abyss (Centennial College)

Honourable Mentions –

  • Miniature Nightmares (Sheridan College)
  • Skippy the Swimmer (UofT and Centennial College)
  • Cyber Summit (Georgian College)
  • Monstrum Mysterium (Conestoga College)

Achievement in Accessibility, Presented by Sledgehammer Games

First Place – Cosmic Justice (Brock University / Niagara College)

Second Place – World Warlock (Algonquin College)

Third Place – Paw Pirates (UofT and OCAD University)

Honourable Mention – The Outreach (Ontario Tech University)

Best Overall Game, Presented by Ubisoft

First Place – Pencil Pushers (UofT and Centennial College)

Joint Second Place – Bedlam Brother (Mohawk College) and Breach the Abyss (Centennial College)

Honourable Mention – Chosen (Sheridan College)

People’s Choice Awards, Presented by TD Bank

First Place – Dead on Arrival (Brock University / Niagara College)

Second Place – Unnatural Selection (Brock University / Niagara College)

Third Place – Hell’s Delivery (Sheridan College)

Honourable Mention – Echoes of the Roots (Sheridan College)

Congratulations to all winners!