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The Lodgge Podcast

Welcome to The Lodgge Podcast. Each episode we will be welcoming a different uniquely talented guest to talk about a variety of topics. Our goal is to showcase the immense knowledge, diversity, and skill that Ontario video game and interactive entertainment studios have to offer. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, its members, and the projects they create.

Recent Episodes

  • Episode 25 — Jason Loftus

    In this season finale, we chat with the CEO and Executive Producer at Lofty Sky Entertainment Jason Loftus! We discuss their upcoming title Sky of Tides, the team’s award-winning documentary Eternal Spring (長春), and lots more!

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Looking to start a new adventure? The Lodgge Careers will be showcasing available positions from around Ontario. We will be adding careers throughout the week, so make sure to check in often. Each post includes a direct link to the official career posting, so you can apply in no time!

  • Sinn Studio


    • Develop and execute strategies to grow and engage the player community in line with our mission and vision.
    • Understand audience and brand tone, ensuring consistent messaging and creating compelling content/initiatives.
    • Build relationships with community members to enhance satisfaction and collaborate on updates and strategy.
    • Foster community spirit and cultivate a positive online atmosphere, responding promptly to feedback and discussions.
    • Optimize Discord server functionality, roles, integrations, and security while suggesting enhancements.
    • Provide actionable feedback to enhance player experience.
    • Monitor and analyze community growth, sentiment and engagement metrics, using insights to help shape future strategies and decisions.
    • Relay community feedback, help facilitate testing, and collaborate on community content creation.
    • Stay updated on emerging trends and competitive analysis in community building and online engagement; contributing innovative and novel ideas/activities.
    • Other related duties as required.


    If the following sounds like you, and you’re interested in joining a growing start-up, we want to hear from you! Not sure that you meet all qualifications? Cast those doubts away – we strongly welcome you to apply. We love to hear from people who are ecstatic about working in the XR industry and where it will evolve to.

    • 2-4+ years in community management, specializing in building and nurturing online gaming communities.
    • Experience with VR / MR.
    • Deep knowledge and understanding of Discord and proficient in related software/platforms.
    • Developed and executed content strategies to drive community growth with a passion to cultivating a vibrant and engaged community.
    • Managed communities for games/franchises in the XR gaming industry, including experience with game or feature launches.
    • Experience managing servers with player communities of 5000+ individuals.
    • Strong written, interpersonal and verbal communication skills. Adept at connecting with a variety of individuals and expressing ideas clearly and engagingly.
    • Comfortable as a public-facing representative for the game and studio, following brand guidelines with a flair of fun and being personable.
    • Data-driven approach to community management, rapidly translating feedback and KPIs with diligence into actionable strategies.
    • Cross-functional collaboration with development, marketing, and QA teams. Mentored colleagues, ensuring adherence to brand guidelines.
    • Self-motivated, with a creative mindset for organizing online events, initiatives and activities.
    • Comfortable being in a virtual environment for varying times wearing a VR headset.

    Added Advantages

    • Experience with PC and console experience preferred over mobile.
    • Understanding of adjacent platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, X/Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.
    • Post-secondary education in Marketing, Communications, other related fields or relevant experience.
    • An authentic understanding and passion about games / working in the industry.
  • Responsibilities:

    • Follow and support the game direction provided by the Director team.
    • Be able to develop new ideas and achieve innovative results.
    • Design complex systems and features and tune them to achieve high quality results.
    • Write, maintain and keep Design documentation up to date.
    • Communicate Game Design to the other team members.
    • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to validate and improve ideas.
    • Be a driving force to lead feature development within production teams.
    • Inspire and motivate the team to achieve high quality results within production constraints.
    • Create a safe and welcoming work environment for all team members.
    • Act as an role model and convey the studio values to other team members.
    • Mentor other designs and designers to help the team improve and grow.


    • 5+ years of experience as a Game Designer working in medium/large teams within the video game industry.
    • Be a specialist of game mechanics and systems while staying up to date of new gaming trends.
    • Experience mentoring other Designers and providing insightful feedback on design efforts.
    • Experience in multi-platform/AAA game development.
    • Experience working on designs from initial creation through final implementation.
    • Expert in game mechanics and rational game design.
    • Expert in identifying what is balanced and fun.
    • Understand why an idea will or won’t work, and how to improve designs.
    • Experience with Unreal Engine is a strong plus.

    Qualities Needed to Thrive in this Role:

    • Be open-minded and rational when interacting with other team members.
    • Ability to self-organize and be autonomous.
    • Strong verbal and communication skills to inspire and communicate ideas to other team members.
    • Ability to cooperate and construct positive relationships with other team members.
    • Promote a positive, inspiring and enjoyable working environment.
  • Ubisoft Toronto
    • Production Management
      • Define, present and follow up on the development strategy for the game;
      • Help define the scope and deliverables of the project;
      • Manage the budgets for the project;
      • Build an inter-project network and optimally organize the work plan;
      • Manage risks and approve contingency plans;
      • Follow up on projects and communicate status to executives;
      • Meet with external collaborators.


      • Work with the Brand/Product Director to define the game’s market positioning;
      • Ensure alignment on all deliverables to ensure successful marketing plans to support the game throughout production and into launch.


      • Create an environment that fosters and encourages team members to bring the best ideas forward for the project;
      • Support the creative direction and ensure that it meets the quality standards for the game and target market;
      • In collaboration with technical teams, make technology choices that support the game vision and development (tools and engine);
      • Ensure that teams optimize technology and best practice sharing;
      • Ensure that the game meets quality standards.

      Team Management

      • Help structure and support the project team;
      • Help define talent needs for the project and recruit the best candidates;
      • In collaboration with the leads and managers on the project, ensure that the team is engaged and working efficiently;
      • Foster and take an active role in the career development of team members.


      • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in project management, ideally in progressive leadership roles;
      • Must have project management experience in a game development environment;
      • Must have demonstrated the ability to deliver large, complex projects (quality standards, budget constraints and effective team output);
      • Have shipped a minimum of one AAA game title in a management or project management role;
      • An inclusive, influential, and inspiring leadership style that allows you to rally people around a vision and engage distributed teams of varying sizes;
      • Experience advocating for the project with different stakeholders, including business, publishing, first-party and media;
      • The capacity to cast a clear long-term vision and put in place the key milestones to make it a reality.
  • Rockstar Toronto
    • Relevant experience in the game industry as a Character Rigger, Technical Animator, or similar/related position.
    • A demo reel and online portfolio that demonstrates exceptional skills creating motion controls for animation, complex deformation and skinning of body and face of characters and creatures.
    • Strong Python programming skills, and a 3D math background.
    • Experience creating tools for Rigging and Animation.
    • Experience using source control software (i.e. Perforce, Git).
    • Strong communication, self-management, and organizational skills.
    • Professional experience developing pipelines and creating tools is highly advantageous.
    • Experience programming C++ plugins for Motionbuilder, Maya, 3DS Max, or similar DCCs.
    • Experience using other game engines (e.g. Unreal/Unity or proprietary tech).
    • Knowledge of current facial capture approaches, FACS poses, facial blend shape rigs, feature detection, etc.
    • Experience using a solver based face animation package (Dynamixyz or Faceware).
    • Professional experience as an Artist or Animator in games.
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