Platform Programmer (Console) – Epic Games

Published On: 29 August 2023Categories: Careers

Epic is looking for experienced Console Programmers to help enhance and maintain the console platforms supported by Unreal Engine. You will be responsible for a variety of game consoles including Switch, Steam Deck, Sony and Microsoft platforms. You will work on a variety of systems including infrastructure, packaging, input, graphics, and general CPU tasks. You will often work with the latest technologies in gaming, working with console manufacturers to develop their software and hardware.

  • Strong C++ knowledge and multi-threaded programming techniques; ability to code and architect various core engine systems.
  • Demonstrated performance and memory optimization skills. Self-motivated and able to dive into a complex system with quick results.
  • Excellent knowledge of hardware architectures including x86-64, ARM, AMD GPUs, and NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Excellent knowledge of a broad range of graphics APIs including Metal, Vulkan and DirectX, as well as shading languages such as HLSL and MSL.
  • Familiarity with development tools and profiling on modern systems, including PIX, Razor, and renderdoc frame capture and profiling.