2D Animator – Big Blue Bubble

Published On: 7 November 2022Categories: Careers

Is your life caught in endless animation loops – but you like it that way? Do you have a solid understanding of movement, weight and timing in order to produce top quality animations? Are you always looking to improve your animation skills and stay current on the latest trends and techniques? If this describes you, please get in touch with us to talk about the position of 2D Animator at Big Blue Bubble.

  • College Diploma in Art or Animation.
  • 1 year of related experience creating animation and animation-related art assets on projects.
  • Expert level understanding of the Principles of Animation.
  • Well versed in Photoshop.
  • Ability to create seamless animation loops.
  • Experience working with approachable art and animation styles.
  • Experience with rigging and animating full-body humanoid characters would be an asset.
  • Adaptable/versatile art style and ability to maintain a consistent look across multiple projects.