Animator – Digital Extremes

Published On: 31 October 2022Categories: Careers

Digital Extremes is seeking an Animator to join our team. You will be expected to help bring characters and props to life while working closely with other members of the animation team. You will need a strong demo reel that illustrates your experience with 3D animation as well as an understanding of animation fundamentals. You will contribute to weekly animation meetings by collaborating with the Animation Director, other members of the animation team and technical animators. The ideal candidate will be passionate about video games and be able to adapt and have fun in our fast-paced environment. You will possess strong problem-solving skills that allow you to work independently as well as collaboratively.

  • A demo reel that demonstrates excellent animation skills
  • Above average ability to animate 3D characters for a state of the art next-gen game engine
  • Experience with software tools required for character animation such as Maya and/or 3D Max
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Have a genuine enthusiasm and interest in video games.