Pocket Gamer Connects: What Can Big Studios Learn From Indie Devs?

Published On: 20 July 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

With the final panel of the conference, we have a very insightful discussion on what the big-name studios that produce AAA games and rock the entire globe can learn from the independent studios who are on their way up. Our expert panellists include Ashley Cooper from Motive Studios, Adam Clare from Wero Creative, Indigo Doyle from Pushing Vertices, Sean Evans from Holy City VR, and Ryan Filsinger from Iron Fox Games. Indigo founded The Indie Mixer, a curation of networking events for Indie Game Developers. When asked if she thinks that is something that is missing from big studios, she said, [“I think it’s definitely missing from larger studios because of things like NDAs. A safe space where you can talk about different concepts in the industry and build a community amongst the indie studios is great. I think the concept of an open forum is something that big studios could definitely benefit from.”]