A-Game Studios’ Star Salvager Launches on Steam

Published On: 13 May 2024Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Take an electrifying trip to the ’80s as you build the ultimate fighting machine and use it to battle an alien horde, all while grooving to an epic synth soundtrack – A-Game Studios’ Star Salvager is out now on Steam!

Reminiscent of vintage arcade games like Space Invaders, Star Salvager is “TETRIS meets breakdancing in space” – string together blocks, hit insane combos, and assemble a battle drone to take down an invading alien army. With randomly generated maps, a complete roguelike metagame, and an amazing soundtrack to boot, Star Salvager takes you on a thrilling and nostalgic sci-fi journey.

Grab Star Salvager on Steam below, and watch out for the game’s launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch coming soon!