Venba Wins Three at the GDC / IGF Awards

Published On: 21 March 2024Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Visai Games’ Venba bags three honours at the GDC / IGF Awards – winning accolades for the Best Debut Game, Social Impact, and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game!

Placed alongside massive names like Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Alan Wake 2, Toronto’s Venba continues to capture the attention of players and critics with a heartwarming story, engaging mechanics, and beautiful music. In a narrative title about family, love, and loss, play as the eponymous Venba, a South-Indian immigrant mother in 1988 connecting with her family.

Venba is currently 40% off on Steam! Grab the game for your platform of choice from the game’s official website below, and read more about the GDC / IGF Awards on VentureBeat.