Ontario Game Studios Dominate GDC 2024 Best in Play Showcase

In an undisputed testament to Ontario’s skills and depth in video game development, studios from the province nearly swept GDC Play’s coveted 2024 Best in Play Showcase at the Game Developers Conference, bagging a stunning seven spots out of eight!

GDC Play is an interactive platform that celebrates the imaginative vision that indie developers bring to the industry, allowing them to showcase their innovative projects, network with industry veterans, and gain valuable visibility for their work. 

It is highly unusual for one region to dominate the global showcase, but Ontario’s games industry proved the exception to the rule this year. Many of these games were supported or made possible by funding from the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Creates.

Here is a list of Ontario-made games and their corresponding studios that made this year’s list, cementing Ontario’s place as a global game-making force.

Hill Agency: PURITYdecay

Developer: Achimostawinan Games

A mystery set in the atmospheric and cybernoir city of Akâmaskiy, Hill Agency puts you in the shoes of Meeygen Hill, a hardboiled and hard-working detective who takes on a seemingly simple case of a murdered elite.

Discover clues, talk to witnesses, and interrogate suspects under the looming shadow of the NeXt Corps as you use every tool at your disposal to find the killer.

Play Hill Agency on Steam!

Broken Spectre

Developer: Games by Stitch

Explore the wilderness of Coldblood Mountain as Casey, as you look for her father upon unexpectedly receiving a cryptic message from him… 25 years after his disappearance.

Embark on a terrifying journey crafted by the creators of the Blair Witch Project and discover the horrors and mysteries of Coldblood Mountain in your quest to reconnect with your lost father.

Play Broken Spectre on Meta Quest and Steam!


Developer: Kitten Cup Studio

Take control of your very own teahouse in Pekoe! As a new resident in a charming town filled with cats, practice, learn, and test a multitude of recipes in your brand-new teahouse as you look to connect with the townspeople, and even visit their teahouses for teaware and ingredients!

With over 10 characters in town to connect with, 7 teahouses to visit, and several unique tea combinations to experiment with, Pekoe offers endless hours of entertainment through rituals, ceremonies, and teamaking.

Play Pekoe on Steam!

Fera: The Sundered Tribes

Developer: Massive Damage Studios

From the creators of the critically-acclaimed Star Renegades comes Fera: The Sundered Tribes, a third-person multiplayer co-op action RPG! As the only hunter to have taken down the tyrannical monsters invading your land, your tribe rightfully elects you as its leader. Now, live up to your title as you adventure with your friends through your land and fight these beasts that seek to corrupt your home.

Featuring dynamic aerial combat, living and breathing environments, and the ability to build your own thriving village, Fera: The Sundered Tribes will take you on an amazing journey of discovery, adventure, and exploration.

Wishlist Fera: The Sundered Tribes on Steam!


Developer: Numizmatic

Strategy meets space exploration in this amazing top-down management sim – Astronomics lets you command a motley but faithful crew of bots as you get to work mining in the asteroid belt! Earn cash for your employer, upgrade your equipment, fight off pirates, and earn your way to visiting Earth for the first ever time!

The Lodgge reached out to Hubert Bibrowski, Founder and Creative Director at Numizmatic for his reaction to being on GDC Play’s Best in Play list, and how he felt about Ontario’s dominance of the showcase.

“Winning the GDC Best in Play award was exhilarating for our team, but the news that six other studios from our province would be joining us almost felt surreal. We are part of an incredibly supportive community of game makers here, and we’ve all shared in this journey for many years. Getting to share a podium now is something none of us will soon forget. We are immensely grateful for the recognition and proud to be among such talented friends.”

Play the Astronomics demo on Steam!

Keyword 2: Nightfall

Developer: City From Naught Inc.

A sequel to 2021’s Keyword: A Spider’s Thread, Keyword 2: Nightfall will thrust you into an open-world mystery adventure full of challenging puzzles and meticulously crafted environments as you investigate the shocking murder of the daughter of the city’s most influential figure.

Keyword 2 retains the universally praised design from Keyword, while adding brand-new mechanics such as vertical exploration, cultural inspirations, and a complete detective experience with multiple endings.

Wishlist Keyword 2: Nightfall on Steam!

Little Learning Machines

Developer: Transitional Forms

Train your very own AI companions in Little Learning Machines! Adventure across beautiful islands and take on mind-boggling challenges with your AI friends, as you shape their abilities, personalities, and skills to help you level up your skills.

With features like robot customization, progressive and adaptive challenges, a vibrant landscape of islands to explore, and a fully no-code AI system, Little Learning Machines lets you understand, train, and shape your very own AI friends in a real-time simulation, making decisions that directly influence their memories and their future actions. 

Play Little Learning Machines on Steam, now available in Early Access.

Contributed by

Hemanth Kay

Senior Editor on The Lodgge