Play Underground Games! and 13AM Games Win 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series

Toronto’s Play Underground Games! takes home the Grand Prize at the 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series with 13AM Games bagging the National Bank Special Prize!

Members of the Ubisoft Toronto team, including newly-appointed Managing Director Darryl Long, kicked off the 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series event on Thursday, February 8. Before the event, presentations by each of the five finalists (13AM Games, Bloom Digital Media, Lithic Entertainment, Play Underground Games!, and TITAN1STUDIOS) were reviewed by a jury composed of Ubisoft Toronto and National Bank experts.

Play Underground Games! won the Grand Prize and 13AM Games won the National Bank Special Prize. The winners received $50,000 and $25,000 cash prizes respectively, with both studios set to gain exclusive access to creative and marketing mentorship from Ubisoft Toronto and financial counsel from National Bank.

Congratulations to Play Underground Games! and 13AM Games! Look out for an in-depth feature coming soon right here on The Lodgge.