Technical Lead – Sinn Studio

Published On: 6 December 2023Categories: Careers

Sinn Studio Inc. is leading the charge in VR combat games! Debut game, Swordsman, is a physics-based combat game where you can slash your way through medieval earth to become the ultimate Swordsman. Having won multiple awards like Game of the Year in 2022, Best Sword Fighting Game in 2020 and more. Swordsman also boasts a top best seller in Quest and PSVR/2 platforms.

We’re looking for a Technical Lead / Lead Programmer (Gaming) who takes initiative, has drive, and extensive work experience with Unreal Engine and C++. This is a senior-level role that requires previous experience leading a team. The successful candidate will be responsible for high-level initiative planning and management as well as the implementation of proprietary, genre-defining XR combat technologies.

  • A firm understanding of game systems throughout the product and player lifecycle
  • 5+ years of experience in the games industry as a programmer with growth into senior roles with more responsibility and leading a team
  • High proficiency in C++
  • Extensive experience with Unreal Engine 4 and/or 5
  • 2+ years of experience in a senior or lead position
  • Ability to advocate for the team, and speak up about their needs
  • Familiarity working with Blueprint
  • PC or console development experience
  • Ability to communicate creative vision and articulate abstract concepts in a way that inspires and motivates everyone involved
  • Experience with debugging, profiling, and performance optimizations and the ability to synthesize feedback from team members, user play tests to gain product insights and rapidly iterate on designs
  • Experience leading and managing a team and supporting their career development
  • Exceptional communication and articulation skills (written and verbal) with an ability to delegate and collaborate with team members across the studio and prioritize what matters most
  • Empathetic leader with strong listening skills and a growth mindset, who understands how to elevate the team around them to do their best work
  • Reliable with strong attention to detail and problem solving abilities.