Pocket Gamer Connects: Fireside Chat With Gameloft

Published On: 19 July 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Another fantastic conversation, this time with our President and CEO Lucie Lalumiere and a veteran of the industry, Michael Stolls from Gameloft Toronto! They had a lot to talk about in this fireside chat, where they discussed their flagship game Disney Magic Kingdom, whether or not they are shifting from mobile games, the challenge of building multiplatform games, and the impact of mobile vs. pc on free-to-play and monetization. As far as how much community engagement impacts how you design a game for different platforms and consoles, Michael says, “We really have a good foundation for engaging with the community, I’m excited to bring that to PC and console. I think we are starting to see games where there are seasons and DLC’s more and more… I think community engagement is something we will always focus on.’