Concept Artist – Digital Extremes

Published On: 24 October 2022Categories: Careers

Digital Extremes is seeking a Concept Artist to join our team. Concept art at Digital Extremes can be a fast process with changes happening on the fly. Our game development process is ambitious and flexible as we try and adjust to the current market trends and try to meet the needs of our vast and loyal community. With each update we try to iterate and innovate, so an ideal candidate will have the ability to dream big and then execute with strong fundamental based abilities to present their artistic vision. Creating clear and concise production art is a must. You will have a strong understanding of anatomy, perspective and great observational skills for life drawing. Preferred extras include experience working in Photoshop and ZBrush or programs of similar distinction.

  • A portfolio that demonstrates excellent artistic sensibilities and the ability for a range of styles.
  • Traditional art skills with an exceptional understanding of the human anatomy, perspective and life drawing.
  • Strong understanding of lighting, composition, color theory, atmosphere, materials and textures.
  • Must be able to work within an established art style and deliver clear and concise production art.
  • Storyboarding experience.
  • Photoshop and/or Zbrush experience.
  • Previous experience in the gaming field or similar industry.
  • A positive and passionate attitude towards concept art and production design.