Capture Artist – Gameloft Toronto

Published On: 17 October 2022Categories: Careers

We are currently looking for a Capture Artist whose role will be vital to helping the Montreal studio create top-notch videos and visuals promoting the various titles developed locally, and to increasing brand recognition.

  • Good knowledge of Unity (experience with importing 2D and 3D content into game engines and with animation setups, as well as a basic knowledge of scripting and UI)—an understanding of development on other platforms could be an asset
  • Knowledge of other software such as Blender, Adobe Premiere and After Effects (3ds Max and Maya are important assets)
  • Versatility and ability to adapt to an Agile working environment where speed and innovation are key
  • Ability to adapt to a wide range of art direction types
  • Fluency in English or French, written and spoken, is an asset (ideally bilingual)
  • Excellent awareness of camera movement, composition, and framing
  • Awareness of potential marketing-related problems with know-how related to distilling a game to its essence to better represent it visually
  • A tendency to adopt a “trial-and-error” approach when fine-tuning the game mechanics and captures that are created
  • A passion for games and a willingness to learn about how to manipulate the content of a game engine.