Gameplay Designer (Dragon Age) – BioWare

Published On: 4 July 2022Categories: Careers

What a Gameplay Designer does at BioWare:

- Design, own, and champion creature creation in an iterative environment for an action RPG. - Plan out fun and intentional player experiences at both macro and micro levels. - Use proprietary toolset to design and implement logic for creatures. - Guide a small versatile team to achieve goals and deliverables.

  • At least 1 major game or 2 years of experience as a creature AI or Boss designer.
  • Experience with action and RPG gameplay mechanics
  • A creative mind – be able to come up with interesting and original ideas.
  • Familiar with visual scripting languages such as Unreal Blueprint or FrostEd Schematics
  • Familiarity with creature mechanics design across different genres
  • A working knowledge of standard industry game engines, design toolsets and production pipelines.
  • Willingness to be open and flexible when collaborating with others to achieve a design
  • Composition and narrative skills. Be able to communicate fun and compelling enemy designs from a player’s perspective.
  • Critical thinking skills.