Lite-Brite: Worlds of Wonder to Premiere at Illuminarium Toronto

Published On: 10 April 2024Categories: Today's TalesTags: ,

Lose yourself in the captivating and magical world of Lite-Brite in Secret Location’s Lite-Brite: Worlds of Wonder, premiering May 8th at Illuminarium Toronto!

In Illuminarium’s most gamified experience so far, Worlds of Wonder will let you experience Lite-Brite’s immersive environment as you explore three cinematic worlds – Ocean, Dino, and Future – and engage in twelve different games filled with interactive lights, classic Lite-Brites, and local Lite-Brite art from Toronto-based artists. Visitors can even take home unique Lite-Brite photo prints to commemorate their experiences.

Get more details and tickets on the official website below, and check out blogTO’s coverage of the experience!