Lil’ Guardsman Interview on The Indie Brew Podcast

Published On: 12 April 2024Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Hilltop Studios’ Scott Christian and Artiom Komarov discuss the process that went into making Lil’ Guardsman on The Indie Brew podcast!

Placed on OpenCritic’s list of best games of 2024, Lil’ Guardsman follows the story of Lil, a 12-year old girl tasked with taking over her dad’s shift in guarding the entrance to the kingdom of Sprawl. Praised both commercially and critically for its humour, narrative, and great blend of puzzle and adventure mechanics, Lil’ Guardsman captures the hilarity that ensues when the fate of an entire kingdom is literally placed in a child’s hands.

Watch the episode below, and play Lil’ Guardsman on Steam and the Epic Games Store.