Black Tabby Games and insertdisc5 Launch Monochromatic Time Loops Bundle

Published On: 29 February 2024Categories: Today's TalesTags: ,

Toronto-based developers Black Tabby Games and Adrienne ‘insertdisc5’ Bazir collaborate to launch the Monochromatic Time Loops bundle on Steam, containing Slay the Princess and In Stars and Time!

Players can now grab both of these critically acclaimed, greyscale, timeloop titles at a combined discount! In Stars and Time takes you on Siffrin and their friends’ journey as you try to end the cruel reign of a tyrant king. Slay the Princess will put you on a path in the woods, on the way to a cabin where a Princess resides in the basement. But she is no ordinary Princess, as she will do everything in her power to kill you a dozen times over…

Grab the Monochromatic Time Loops bundle on Steam below!