Ontario Games in the Steam Autumn Sale

The Steam Autumn Sale ends on November 28th, and there’s no better time to check out some amazing Ontario titles, on sale right now!

Star Renegades – Massive Damage Games

Defend your dimension against Imperium, an overwhelming force with the ability to end worlds, in Massive Damage Games’ Star Renegades, a roguelite action strategy RPG with unique pixel-style graphics.

Fight for survival against an intelligent Adversary system that learns from your playstyle, and with enemy officers that evolve and move up in the ranks as you continue to advance.

Star Renegades is a huge 75% off at the Steam Autumn Sale!

Rollers of the Realm – Phantom Compass

A game critically acclaimed by the likes of Polygon and the LA Times, Phantom Compass’ Rollers of the Realm beautifully brings together two seemingly unrelated game genres to create a unique pinball-RPG combination – and it’s every bit as fun as it sounds.

Bounce, spin, and battle through scenes of an epic storyline with a band of medieval misfits tasked with reclaiming the world from dark and ancient magic!

Rollers of the Realm is 25% off at the Steam Autumn Sale.

DepowerBall – Mega Power Games

Mega Power Games’ newest title brings insane party platforming action with the power to jeopardize friendships! Jump into the pit in DepowerBall, engage in fast-paced gameplay and tactical decision making, and feed treats to the hungry Dragon Queen.

Here’s the twist though – if you win a round, you get one of your powers taken away. Will you adapt to changing conditions and continue to win? Find out below as DepowerBall goes 15% off at the Steam Autumn Sale!

A Mortician’s Tale – Laundry Bear Games

Dubbed by Kotaku as “one of 2017’s best games,” Laundry Bear Games’ A Mortician’s Tale is a deeply meaningful experience that has players reflect inward on their own feelings and thoughts.

A ‘death positive’ experience, A Mortician’s Tale places you in the shoes of a mortician in charge of managing a funeral home. Learn the ropes of the business as Charlie, a new funeral direction graduate, as you have deep conversations with coworkers and clients.

A Mortician’s Tale is an honest, and occasionally humorous, look at the Western death industry. It’s currently a whopping 60% off on Steam for the Autumn Sale!

Amanda the Adventurer – MANGLEDmaw Games

One of the highest-rated horror games of the year, MANGLEDmaw Games’ Amanda the Adventurer is a wonderfully horrific journey into Amanda and Wooly’s adventures.

With the eerie ability to somehow communicate directly with you from inside their VCR tape, Amanda and Wooly take the player on an experience that any 90’s kid would kill for. You just have to ignore that gnawing feeling in the back of your head that’s telling you to stop…

Amanda the Adventurer is 25% off for the Steam Autumn Sale!

Broken Spectre – Games by Stitch

Made with one of the minds behind the legendary cult-classic horror film The Blair Witch Project, Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative experience inspired by the works of John Carpenter and H.P. Lovecraft.

Take the role of Casey as she heads back to the abandoned trails of Coldblood Mountain, one that has haunted her family for generations, as she attempts to find her father when she receives a cryptic message from him after having disappeared for 25 years.

Within three months of launch, Broken Spectre has received and been selected for several accolades and awards. Play it for 20% off at the Steam Autumn Sale!

Are you an Ontario game developer or studio taking part in the Steam Autumn Sale? Let us know!