Slay the Princess Makes Round Two of The Horror Game Awards

Published On: 31 October 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Black Tabby Games’ spine-chilling visual novel, Slay the Princess, has climbed its way up to round two of the Horror Game Awards! 

Despite only releasing a week ago, Slay the Princess has garnered plenty of praise from horror enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. Players have applauded its incredible storyline, compelling voice acting, and endlessly engaging gameplay. With all these rave reviews, it’s little wonder that the game has been nominated for the coveted Player’s Choice Award. Slay the Princess uses all its merits to the fullest when asking the haunting question: what if the hero didn’t save the damsel in distress, but was asked to kill her instead? 

Vote for Slay the Princess in the link below, or head to Steam to get it 10% off for a limited time!