Black Tabby Games’ Slay the Princess Receives Stellar Reviews

Published On: 24 October 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Slay the Princess, the long-awaited horror title from Black Tabby Games, is being received with great enthusiasm and undeniable excitement. 

The game presents as a horror visual novel, almost like an interactive movie, and was able to set itself apart with its fully hand-drawn on paper graphics and what seems to feel like an endless sea of possibilities for actions and endings. 

Slay the Princess has a simple gameplay, but never fails to surprise its players. The story will make you question all of the characters intentions, including your own, while serving up a good dose of gore and thrill. The great voice acting adds to the unnerving experience and is guaranteed to make anyone wonder: what would they do if they were asked to slay the princess? 

Get the game on Steam with the link below.