Gamescom 2023 is almost here! Here’s a roundup of all Ontario studios making the trip to Cologne, Germany for August 22nd:

City From Naught

Check out their newest title Keyword: A Spider’s Thread, a narrative thriller which requires players to use logical deduction and puzzle solving to find their missing daughter.

Game Pill

Schedule a meeting with Mike Sorrenti via LinkedIn or at, and help bring your ideas to life! Game Pill will be at Gamescom discussing all game development services they have to offer.

Lightning Rod Games

Lightning Rod Games is bringing Cybersonic Strike, their upcoming top-down roguelike set in cyberspace to Gamescom! Meet with the team behind the excellent A Fold Apart and secure a sneak peek at Cybersonic Strike!

Lofty Sky Games

Sky of Tides is coming to Gamescom! Play as Rin and look for your missing father on the broken world of Numen in Lofty Sky Games’ newest narrative RPG! Don’t miss this chance to meet with the team!

Games by Stitch

The developers of the critically-acclaimed cosmic VR title BROKEN SPECTRE, Games by Stitch, will be at Gamescom! The game is set to launch on Steam soon, wishlist it below!

SHG Studios

Meet the amazing dev team at SHG, and play their digital collective card game Star Pirates Infinity at Gamescom!

Transitional Forms

Explore the future of AI-driven games and digital media with the Transitional Forms team, and learn the process behind making Little Learning Machines, only at Gamescom!

Wero Creative

Learn more about the Wero Creative team’s upcoming game Quantum Coherence, and discuss moral compasses in video games in their most recent game Dr. Trolley’s Problem on Steam.

Red Meat Games

Join the Red Meat Games team as they show off their latest narrative-driven audio-based game Project Dark, and discuss plans for the year. Curtis and Norma will be on the floor showcasing their amazing work!

Star Fort Games

The Star Fort Games team will bring their awesome titles in Star Envoy and Wordmeetstee to Gamescom 2023! Connect with them, exchange ideas, and explore collaborations!

Are you an Ontario game studio or developer attending Gamescom? Let us know!