Digital Extremes Announces Massive Updates to Warframe at TennoCon 2023

Published On: 29 August 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Digital Extremes just wrapped up TennoCon 2023, and Warframe fans came away with loads of content to look forward to!

Whispers in the Walls is set to be the next cinematic chapter for Warframe. Look forward to new enemy factions, weapon types, and an enthralling set of mysteries left by Albrecht Entrati. The release window for this next major update is Winter 2023!

The following year, Warframe will be jumping back in time with Warframe: 1999. The Tenno will venture back to understand Albrecht Entrati’s unusual research. Look forward to more details in the future!

For now, check out the full TennoCon 2023 recap video below. We want to wish a heartfelt congratulations to the Digital Extremes team for another wildly successful event, and for maintaining an excellent standard as one of Ontario’s greatest studios!