Pocket Gamer Connects: The Path to Indie Success & Sustainability

Published On: 19 July 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags: , , ,

This insightful panel was a discussion on how to grow your indie studio that featured a roster of seasoned and knowledgeable panelists. This included Rob Elseworthy from RESISTR Interactive, Ericka Evans from Phantom Compass, Tran Nguyen from Soft Rains and Daniel Posner from Finish Line Games. Daniel was asked the difficult question of how to plan to build a sustainable studio, where he answered, “You fight the good fight, put yourself out there, go to all the networking events… you have to be aware of everything… don’t ignore your future investments, your budget is really important but I have never been to a networking event where I regretted it. Finding leads for a publisher, keep foraging connections. In a small indie studio, everybody has to wear a ‘hat”.