Pocket Gamer Connects: Avoiding Pitfalls Panel

Published On: 20 July 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags: , , ,

The next panel we attended was a very special one, which discussed how to get the most out of your team, while also providing a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout. The panellists included Maxim Garber from Amber, Kelly Hinton from Zynga, Renee Wong from Gameloft Toronto, Dennis Leong from Epic Story Interactive and our very own Victoria Evans! Victoria had a fantastic response to the question on how we can create a good work environment remotely; “Transparency and trust from day one, supporting your team from day one. Communication is key! I recommend building a company wiki, a source of truth and knowledge. It is where you find HR content, but also where you get to know your colleagues and get a lot of short-hand knowledge that is relatable, discovering shared interests. I think it is important to show all the different dimensions of your company.”