New Hand-crafted Cuphead Marionette!

Published On: 31 July 2023Categories: Today's TalesTags:

Since its 2017 debut, Cuphead has captivated fans worldwide with its retro-cartoon style and engaging boss-rush gameplay. Yet, it’s the heart poured into the game by Studio MDHR that truly resonates with players, making them lifelong fans. The iconic character’s popularity has led to merchandise, a cartoon series, and the iam8bit Cuphead Collector’s Edition. Responding to feedback, iam8bit now introduces the Cuphead Handcrafted Marionette + Music Box—a fantastic set featuring a hand-crafted Cuphead puppet, a mechanical music box, and a premium transforming box. This just goes to show the adoration and unity within the diverse community of devoted Cuphead enthusiasts!

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