Audio Engineer – Apocalypse Studios

Published On: 19 September 2022Categories: Careers

The Audio Engineer is responsible for creating and compiling high-quality audio assets for interactive video games and multimedia projects.

  • 5+ years of game audio design and implementation experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree/Diploma
  • Graduate of accredited Audio Post-Production program.
  • Experience using game audio development tools, technology, and pipelines.
  • Experience in original sound effect design, creation, mixing, processing, implementation, and computer game product development experience.
  • Proficiency with multitrack project mixing software/hardware and session set-up.
  • Advanced experience with mixing stereo and surround sound formats.
  • Strong understanding and working knowledge of node-based visual scripting tools. (Pure Data, Max MSP, etc.)
  • Expertise with modern audio creation equipment, software, and recording techniques, with a high level of proficiency in at least one DAW.
  • Strong understanding of audio concepts and industry standards.
  • Thoroughly understands the foundations of dynamic, frequency, and time-based effects as well as audio synthesis.
  • Experience creating audio for advertising and marketing content.
  • Outstanding sound design and listening skills.
  • Experience developing audio pipelines and workflow for a game project
  • Experience creating procedurally generated story and cinema.
  • O3DE project development experience.